Our mission is to create quality visual arts through passion, drive and integrity.

Nikkso Productions LLC has directed, written, produced, and post-production edited several feature length films. Our strengths in the making of a movie include; versatility, diversity, and a unique perspective and style. We bring talent, fresh ideas, a quality of work and a powerful passion to the table that cannot be replaced. Our company’s preferred genre is horror, and Director Thomas S. Nicol has an avid passion for being behind the camera. Nikkso Productions hopes to obtain a position of renown in the film production industry, and to perform to the best of our professional dexterity.

“Tabbott’s Traveling Carnivale of Terrors” has been in business since 1925, first in the old country, and now in America. Business is booming for the Tabbott family: Uncle Victor the butcher, his brother the carnivale Ringmaster Everette, and his fat witch wife Gladys. Their four children: Buck; the bad tempered werewolf. Bobbie; a seductively cunning gypsy. Elijah; a psychopathic shadow man. And young adopted Emma; the silent ghost. What could be more wonderful than going to the Carnival on Halloween? Workers dressed in festive costumes, games of skill, delicious food and heckling carnies, the sounds of laughter and music…and screams? The Carnivale’s main attraction is a House of Horrors where abducted people from previous towns are tortured and slaughtered in front of an unaware audience of new carnival guests. How could such a night of fun, turn into such a nightmare? Local girls Jess and Sarah read the Tabbott’s Carnivale poster in town, and can’t wait to get out for a night of fun and frights. But things are not always what they seem, and soon the girls find themselves helpless, and only time will tell if they make it out alive. With twists at every turn, the tale of the Tabbott Family is a macabre and psychologically spine-chilling story.