The Mitchell Tapes

The concept for the new TV series was to get together a group of teenagers who were more sensitive to paranormal, and then have them investigate the most  haunted locations in the country. The legend tells that local man Sam Mitchell abducted and killed a suspected 30 children, before being found out and lynched by the townspeople. People of the town wont drive near the house, let alone say his name. Gathered around a campfire, the ghost kids hear the story of Sam Mitchell from their producers for the first time and are then locked into the house until morning. With paranormal equipment and cameras running, the “Ghost Kids” are ready to find out if the spirit of Sam Mitchell still resides there. 

"I don't go near the old Sam Mitchell house, and no one dares say his name in this town."


Thomas S. Nicol


Chuck “Dead Body Guy” Lamb

Joseph M Knapik

Chelsea Camerlengo

Rick Hills

Mike Neider

Jason Krotky

Joe Estavez