Who We Are

Nikkso Productions LLC has directed, written, produced, and edited several feature length films. Our strengths in the making of a movie include; versatility, diversity, and a unique perspective and style. We bring talent, fresh ideas, quality of work, and a powerful passion to the table that can’t be matched. Our company’s preferred genre is horror, and Director Thomas S. Nicol has an avid passion for being behind the camera. Nikkso Productions hopes to obtain a position of renown in the film production industry, and to perform to the best of our professional dexterity.

Thomas S. Nicol: Director
Thomas started Nikkso productions in 2004 with the dream to create feature length films. Since then, he’s done a variety of work from weddings to commercials, music videos, short films, and live music entertainment. He’s directed, written, produced, and edited several feature length films since then, including Game Done Changed and The Mitchell Tapes. In his words, “I bring talent, skills, fresh ideas and a quality of work to the table, derived from being a perfectionist. My preferred genre is horror, and I have an avid passion for being “hands on” behind the camera”.

Ryan Gardner: Assistant Director
Ryan’s skills in camera operating, lighting, and post production have made him the Director’s right hand man in the business since 2006. His shared passion for production has lead him to hold jobs at printing companies and be a teacher of 5 years at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting.
Brian “Wolfman” Bowman: Production Manager
Brian is a Detroit, Michigan native now living in Columbus, OH. While holding a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and business administration, along with an MBA, he’s also a graduate of John Casablanca Modeling and Talent Management. His love for horror and film has lead him to create two novels, act in over 60 movies, and co-found Black Jack Entertainment Agency LLC.

Kelly Harris: SFX Makeup and Design
Kelly is a freelance special effects makeup artist and prop maker local to NYC. With over 10 years of experience in the art department industry, she works for both the film and commercial world. Her clients range from Disney attractions to Saks 5th Ave and Tiffany’s. In her own words, “I love SFX makeup; it’s taking skills from many forms of art as well as carpentry, and combining them to create something amazing. Specializing in concept, sculpting, application, and gore”.

Alexis Elizabeth: Writer
Writing since 2000 and working for Nikkso since 2011, Alexis specializes in multiple genres and styles of writing including horror, fantasy, poetry, and short stories. To develop her “voice” as a creator, she’s taken various literature courses, and studied the works of classical and modern authors who’s styles have shaped her writing. Ohio born and based, Alexis has published her own novel “Solstice of Sorrow”, and had several poems printed in the Columbus Dispatch paper.

Scott Sheeley: Stunt Coordinator
Holding a record of 39-10 with 14 KO’s, Scott is an MMA and kickboxing champion that has developed an interest in acting and performance. Having parts in over 6 films, he’s a valuable stunt man and team member.

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