Tabbott’s Traveling Carnival of Terrors

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“Tabbott’s Traveling Carnivale of Terrors” has been in business since 1925, first in the old country, and now in America. Business is booming for the Tabbott family: Uncle Victor, his brother Everette, his fat witch wife Gladys, and their four children: Buck, Bobbie, Elijah, and young adopted Emma. What could be more wonderful than going to the Carnival on Halloween? Festive costumes, games of skill, delicious food, heckling carnies, the sounds of laughter and music…and screams? The Carnival’s main attraction is the world famous House of Horrors where abducted people from previous towns are tortured and slaughtered in front of an unaware audience of new carnival guests. How could such a night of fun, turn into such a nightmare? Local girls Jess and Sarah read the Tabbott’s Carnival poster in town, and can’t wait to get out for a night of fun and frights, but things are not always what they seem, and soon the girls find themselves helpless. Only time will tell if they make it out alive. With twists at every turn, the tale of the Tabbott Family is a macabre and psychologically spine-chilling story.

The Mitchell Tapes

The concept for the new TV series was to get together a group of teenagers who were sensitive to the paranormal, and have them investigate the most haunted locations in the country. The legend tells that local man Sam Mitchell abducted and killed a suspected 30 children, before being discovered and lynched by the townspeople. People of the town don’t drive near the house, let alone say his name. Gathered around a campfire, the “Ghost Kids” hear the story of Sam Mitchell from their producers for the first time and are then locked in the house until morning. With paranormal equipment and cameras running, the “Ghost Kids” are ready to find out if the spirit of Sam Mitchell still resides there.

Game Done Changed

The story of three brothers and their struggles with fame, fortune, and the streets. This urban cult classic will take you on a soundtrack driven roller coaster ride of emotions, while dealing with the issues faced by many of today’s youth. Join us as we go deep into the streets of Columbus and find out just how much The Game Done Changed.


While driving to a New Year’s Eve party, Summer has a change of heart that will lead her to deadly consequences. After receiving a call from a friend, she decides to turn around on a mountain road and send a text that sends her into a ditch, and into a fight for her life.

My Brother's Keeper

In the criminal underground of Detroit, power is the most sought-after currency. The three Martin brothers know how to play the game and appreciate their position in the drug world. Their bond as brothers is unending; however, one night alters their lives beyond their wildest imaginations, changing everything in a major way.
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